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Gone (to play) with the Wind

Windy Play…part of our summer fun series

Windy days can make for some great fun – here are some of the wind projects from our 100 fun things we plan to do this summer list!

Speedy Windsock
A very easy project to make we have enjoyed making it each year with left over birthday decorations!
Materials: Streamers (Creppe Paper), two sheets of construction paper or cardstock per windsock, a stapler, child safe scissors.
Directions: Working together cut about 6 pieces of streamers to the approximately double the length of the sheet of construction paper.  Fold the construction paper into a cylinder.  On one end of the cylinder, attach the streamer pieces with a stapler*. From the second sheet of construction paper cut a strip of paper to create a handle and attach to the other end. Pipe cleaners also work well as a handle! Voila – your windsock is ready to catch the wind.

Wind chime
We saved bells that came on some bunny treats and decided to use them to make wind chimes.
Materials: Something circular for the base (we saved large plastic yogurt lids) Some string, yarn, or fishing line, some beads, markers, a pen or Needle and little bells. (Alternatively look for chime beads at a crafting store)
Directions: Decorate the circular base with markers and stickers. Using a sharp point pen or needle, poke 3 or 4 holes around the base and one hole in the center.  Pull the string or yarn through and knot one end so it cannot slip out. String beads into each part to decorate and add the bells at the bottom. At the center of the base add string and knot to create a loop. Hang and enjoy watching it dance and cling in the wind.

Crinkly Wind catcher
This idea came from one of my boys’ kindergarten teachers. I confess the first time we did this I was a bit apprehensive, but it worked out well. I would just recommend keeping a good eye on everyone when playing. And make sure to put away the bags when done.
Materials: One plastic bag with handles for each child, Stickers (optional) and some yarn or rope.
Directions: On a windy day head outside and give each child the plastic bag to hold by the handle (please do not leave children alone with the bag) Run with your child and catch the wind – the bag will fill with air and make crinkling noises which is great fun! Tie the handles shut with air still in the bag and then put rope on it and keep running as if it were a kite. We used stickers to decorate our bags in order to take a short break from running.

CD Garden Mobile
This idea came from “AdventureswithKids” blog. I had to add it to our summer fun list because it’s easy but great fun.
Materials: A no longer usable CD, stickers, glue, beads, glitter and fishing line.
Directions: String a length of fishing line through the CD middle, string beads to decorate the line and then tie a knott with loop at the top for hanging. Decorate one side of the CD with Stickers and or glitter. Leave the “shiny” side free for catching the sun.

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