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Dads’ Ideas to Spend Time Together With Young Children during the Holiday Break

The long summer days or the chilly winter breaks can be a perfect opportunity for parents to spend some really special time together. Today’s post has some ideas from Mike, a dad of 2 on ways to spend some quality time with children:

Building A Tree House Or A Fort
This is the perfect activity for dads that simply love to be creative with tools and bits and pieces of wood. Kids love a place of their own and this can be easily constructed within your backyard. All you need is a few pieces of woods and you should be handy with construction tools. Your kid’s can help you in the construction and this would not only keep them engaged but would also give them a sense of accomplishment once the structure is completed.

Dad’s can either take their kids out for swimming to a nearby beach or a pool club or you can simply set up a small pool in your backyard. This would prove to be a fun filled activity whereby children can play ball and several other games while swimming. Swimming would help kids exercise and also beat off the heat in long summer days or get a break from the chilly weather at an indoor pool park.

Gardening can turn out to be quite interesting for young kids. You can take a couple of pots and help your kids to plant seeds and water them on a daily basis or as per requirements. You can plant flower beds or plant sunflower seeds as they tend to be quite easy to grow and are a particular favorite among kids.

Dad’s can always play various kinds of sports with their kids during long holiday breaks. This provides great exercise  and a chance to practice using encouraging words.  Another idea is to form teams and practice team work and healthy competition. This makes things a bit more interesting especially if the kids get to win because Dad keeps missing the ball 😉


Performing An Act
This could be really interesting for dads that want to be a bit creative. You could initially engage the kids in making a story of their own by giving a sketch of the characters. The kids might then be asked to put on a play and act as different characters. This could turn out to be a fun filled activity whereby kids might be asked to dress up according to their character. Kids love dressing up.  The kids might be asked to clean up the place after they are done so that they also learn a bit about household chores and learn to take responsibility.

About the Author:

Mike is a father of 2 toddlers, aged 2 and 5 and a passionate blogger. Over the last couple of years, Mike has been contributing to parenting blogs to share his experiences and write regular toys reviews at

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