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Pretend Play and Cooking Outdoors

Baking Al Fresco – Part of our Summer Fun Series From making mud-pies to rock soup, transforming our backyard into a kitchen, bakery or restaurant is a surefire way for us to fill many hours of the day in the summer time.  I find collecting a few recyclable containers such as yogurt cups, aluminum baking… Continue Reading

Bubble Fun

Bubble Fun Bubble time is practically a given on any day.  We have a collection of wands and plastic containers we like to use.  In our collection are, traditional wands, self made wands,  straw wands and also a battery wand so that even before being able to work a traditional wand my children have felt… Continue Reading

Spring Time is Bug Time

For the month of April we are doing a Spring & Bugs theme. Books The Grouchy Lady Bug – Eric Carle The Very Busy Spider – Eric Carle The Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle Art Friendly Ladybugs Giant Spiders Heart Caterpillars Beautiful Butterflies Songs Itsy Bitsy Spider If you are happy and you know it… Continue Reading

vrooooom…car painting

I find this to be a fun activity for a rainy day. I Line a table with an old shower curtain or table cloth or lots of newspapers. Then lay out long sheets of paper or many smaller sheets of paper tapped together. I Place different colored paints on paper plates. Then place one or… Continue Reading

Pretend Play and Ice Skating

We Tried out a new activity idea today –  “ice” skating indoors. Skates: Wax Paper, Paper Plates, Baking paper. (We tried them all and the best glide was from the wax paper, although the plates stayed under small feet the best) Ice Rink: We moved the coffee table and rolled away the area rug then… Continue Reading