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Are we there yet?

Successful Family Outings One thing we often do as a family are outings, some like our trip to the shopping center last weekend was a bit of a flop, ok it was more like please don’t make me ever do that again type of an outing.  Others, like the outing to Mount Tamaro the very… Continue Reading

Paint Party

We love to paint, especially with finger-paint. Usually I just purchase ready to use non toxic children finger paints, although occasionally we make our own, then line the table with plastic covering or old newspapers and paint away.  Variations on “sit at the table and paint” are always fun and so here are some ways… Continue Reading

Pretend Play and Ice Skating

We Tried out a new activity idea today –  “ice” skating indoors. Skates: Wax Paper, Paper Plates, Baking paper. (We tried them all and the best glide was from the wax paper, although the plates stayed under small feet the best) Ice Rink: We moved the coffee table and rolled away the area rug then… Continue Reading