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What is your Mothering Personality Type?

Have you ever wondered what your “Mothering” personality type might be?

Sometimes conflict in parenting happens because we are so different or so similar to our children, and knowing more about ourselves can help us focus our efforts to meet the needs of our children.

I don’t think that any one type of personality is more or less suited to be a mother, or that we must categorize ourselves in any certain way,  but I do think it can be helpful to know about ourselves. I stumbled upon this quiz, it was fun and also made me reflect on how I do certain things, so I thought I would share, in case you are curious as well!

For me, I find that the more I tune in to who I am, meet my needs, then  the more able I am to tune it to others and meet their needs as well – what an interesting discovery the quiz results for me = “Tuned In Mother”


I’m a “Tuned In” Mother!

(Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving)

Aware, astute, and understanding, I am sensitive to my childs needs, feelings, and perceptions.

What’s your mothering personality type? Take the MotherStyles quiz at!

I’m not affiliated with the FamilyEducation site, I just thought it would be interesting to share for anyone else that is curious or wants to try it.

If you try it, will you let me know, are you introverted or extroverted?  Sensing or intuitive?  Thinking or feeling? Judging or perceiving?

Do you think personality tests like these can be helpful?