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Weekend Challenge: Appreciating Help

Weekend Challenge: Appreciating Help

So often we would like for our children to help around the house. Some parents use job charts, others ask when help is needed. Sometimes we nag (oops!), other times we just don’t say anything but resent the fact that we are doing everything ourselves.

Yet, have you ever paused to notice if when your child does something, you might be swooping in to fix, change, rescue or otherwise point out that something was not done how YOU wanted it done?

Maybe it’s silverware on switched sides of the plate or laundry was put away differently than you would like. Whatever it was, you sort of know a better way, so you do it over again or ask them to FIX it.

What would happen if instead of correcting, fixing, or instructing we would simply encourage and appreciate the help?

This weekend try to acknowledge and appreciate any help, even the smallest gesture from your child and see how/if that changes anything.

Peace & Be Well,