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Nurturing Peacefulness #2

Nurturing Peacefulness #2

This post is Part 2 of the Nurturing Peacefulness Series from Kerry Spina. Today she is sharing all about creating a parenting peace motto, peaceful activities and building a peaceful space at home plus really lovely questions to bring more mindfulness and peace to your daily life.

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A Parenting Peace Motto
A parent motto is fun and strengthening. Having a motto is a great way to ‘check in’ at times when you feel you could lose your cool…or have already lost your cool. Here are a few ideas:

  • “This to will pass”
  • “I live and give the best of who I am”
  • “I can choose peace rather than this”
  • “I am peace”
  •  “Lighten up and peace up”
  •  “I am a peacemaker”
  •  “Peace begins with me”
  • “Peace in and Peace out”
  • “In with peace and out with peace”

Ariadne wrote about peaceful, calming meditations that may also help inspire a peaceful parenting motto, you can find that here.

Peaceful activity
Build calming activities into your day such as yoga play, breathing exercises, relaxation music, outdoor adventures. Actively avoid rushing and cramming. Calm moments of stopping and taking a break to rest will give you space in your day.
All of these activities promote peace within the body and the mind. When we encourage healthy, nurturing practices and space for peace we guide and support our children in choosing how to do this for themselves. We give them experiences in nurturing a self-care routine and the opportunity to build their problem-solving muscles and truly begin to value their quiet and rest times.

A Peaceful Space

Having a special place within your house is a lovely reminder to take time out, slow down and balance your energy. This could be a place in your house or garden, or a shelf that represents pure serenity for you and your family. Each family member could have their own space, or one special space the whole family can share – a place of comfort, rest and rejuvenation.

In our home we have a bowl of Harmony Cards and a fish bowl full of pebbles and colourful beads that we can see, feel and touch, while we relax together. We have our yoga mats, cushions and photos of grandparents and great grandparents. It is really special and we feel a sense of coming together and this shared experience and space builds our family connections. Such a place is ideal for sharing a meaningful conversation with a child, especially when they understand the intention behind creating a peaceful space. It could be as simple as choosing a special tree in the backyard or at the park.

The peaceful balance
Peacefulness helps us to learn to cope with stress and bring what is out of balance into harmony. We begin to create an atmosphere where peace is felt and experienced in our presence. And we become open to listen to our own feelings and actions and model to our children what matters to us.

Peacefulness is a way to practice being mindful by living in the moment, taking time to smell the flowers and see the rainbow. We naturally become more forgiving and gentle with ourselves and others and our energy is restored and centred. Enjoy what peacefulness can bring to your heart and home. May your journey and practice in peacefulness lift you to new places in your parenting.

Things to be mindful of:
What does being peaceful feel like?
When is peacefulness most important to you?
Which virtues could support you in practicing peacefulness?

Reflective Questions:
How do I encourage my child to be peaceful?
What makes me feel most peaceful?
Who do I know that reflects peace?
Where are the opportunities to be peacefulness?
When am I least peaceful?

Yours in Harmony  ~ Kerry Spina

Find out more about Kerry Spina on our Contributor Page as well as her website Kind In Harmony.