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Rain Sticks

Build your own Rain Sticks

We’ve had a lot of rain so we thought we would make some rain sticks and make our very own rain shower symphonies. Older children can do this craft mostly on their own and you can help your little ones with the process of make it – the whole family will probably enjoy listening to the sounds and playing (well our dogs didn’t like it very much…oops!)

Materials needed:

  • A paper tube (paper towel, wrapping paper or mailing tube work well)
  • Packing or duct tape and cardstock or paper to seal the tube.
  • An assortment of noise elements such as: rice, gravel, beads,beans, un-popped corn, buttons. Mixing different elements makes for a very rich sound experience.
  • Decorations for the tube, markers, stickers, paper, ribbons etc…

What to do:

  • Have your child decorate the outside of the tube. Mark off and don’t decorate the edges where you will be sealing it shut.
  • Fill tube just about ¾ of the way to the top with a mix of noise elements.
  • Seal the tube tightly with some paper and duct tape or layered packing tape. The seal needs to be sturdy as the tube will be shaken a lot!


Your child will probably naturally start exploring the Rain Stick and the sounds that it makes.   Listen together to the noise, try to figure out which noise elements are making which sounds.  Explore moving the rain stick slowly, quickly, sideways, etc…try making a storm, shaking the rain stick from slowly and lightly to fast and furiously.

Have fun!