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We All Make Mistakes!

We All Make Mistakes!

In parenting, we must make many decisions, take risks and often hope for the best!  We are faced with new challenges daily, if not hourly. If we are so afraid of making a mistake that we avoid making decisions or exploring new possibilities we end up robbing ourselves and our children of really amazing opportunities.

Instead of pursuing perfect parenting or berating ourselves for making mistakes, we can accept the fact that yes, we will frequently make mistakes along the way…and then we can do our best to learn something, any number of things from those mistakes!

Positive Parenting is not about creating  perfect moments, and yet so many of those do seem happen when we choose to be kind and truly listen to our families!….but don’t chase the perfection, instead embrace the challenges!

Don’t be afraid to take risks, try again, start over.

Peace ♥ Be Well,