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That Was Then…This is Now: 10 Things that Have Changed After Having Children.

That Was Then…This is Now: 10 Things that Have Changed After Having Children.

Six years into motherhood and three children later, I have traded disposable income for disposable diapers and power suits for the occasional power struggle.  Many aspects of my life have changed, not necessarily for better or worse, some things are just  different.

These are 10 things that have definitely changed:

1. Nine p.m.

Then: The best time to leave the house for a night out in the town.

Now: The time you will find me passed out on the couch pretending to watch a TV show but really catching up on sleep.

2. My car

Then: A compact sedan, spotless and scented with cucumber-melon freshener – with a hint of dog hair.

Now: A minivan, a.k.a. the vortex of cheerios, single socks, lost mittens and myriad of toys scented with remnants of banana, snot stuck on car seats with a hint of dog hair.

3. Sleep

Then:  At the end of the day, hop into bed and sleep soundly and on weekends sleep until the idea of eating brunch won over sleeping.

Now:  Sleep, what sleep? Ok, it’s not that bad anymore, but there are nights when one child or more needs an extra cuddle and/or a throw up bucket, sip of water, and so a full night sleep is never a guarantee but always a welcome surprise.

4. Friday night

Then: Getting all dressed up, heading out to the pub, drinking some wine, going home to err… fold the laundry, yeah, that’s what I’ll call it, laundry… until 2 a.m.

Now: Getting all cozy in jammies, sipping wine and pretend to watch a movie,err…fold the laundry and then often literally start a load of  laundry, and try to be asleep by no later than 11 p.m.

5. Disposable income

Then: Used for buying that beautiful winter coat or splurging on a fancy restaurant on a special occasion.

Now: The only disposable thing around here: diapers.

6.My body

Then: A source of insecurity, something that I wanted to change and was never right.

Now: A source of pride– I made people! My body grew, birthed and fed three adorable, awesome people. Thanks body – you might not be perfect but you rock!

7. Poop

Then: It just wasn’t a topic of conversation and definitely not something I ever thought I would one day find on the bathroom wall or discuss in writing.

Now:  Something to explain to the pediatrician  i.e.: Mustard poop, seedy poop, mucusy poop, loose poop, yellow poop…Something to celebrate and do a happy dance when it lands in the potty – and not on the bathroom wall.

8. My wardrobe

Then: Packed full of power suits, crisp dress shirts, stylish pumps and the latest in fashionable accessories.

Now: Packed full of jeans, comfy T’s, nursing tanks and funky socks. Oh plus all the fashionable accessories from back then which are a bit outdated but work great for playing dress up…

9. Guilt

Then:  Eating one piece of cake too many and skipping the gym. Spending a little too much money on a really must have outfit or pair of shoes.

Now: Letting the kids watch one extra show on TV, not buying exclusively organic produce, and spending a little too much money on a really cool toy.  OK, and eating one piece of cake too many and skipping the gym.

10. One moment at a time

Then: A saying that was hip and zen and a way to deal with crappy moments, but easier said than done.

Now: Something that actually happens because with three curious children I can’t help but stop to smell the flowers, see the airplanes overhead and go rainbow hunting after a rain storm.

That was then…this is now…I love the now. What about you – have something you can add to this list? Add to the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

Peace & Be Well,


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