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Sharing Sunday

Happy Sunday!

We had a wonderful time the past two days, we went hiking on saturday, and today we spent the day at the local lake. The children had a chance to see a swan family and swim,  play frisbee, try out a pirate ship playground and we had a picnic.

Today I am sharing some inspiring and helpful articles from around the web that I read in the last week:

From Gina, The Twin Coach 9 Essential Gifts For New Parents she shares: By far, the greatest gifts I’ve gotten over the years turned out not to be material things, but rather wisdom gained and lessons learned.  The post also has links to other really wonderful posts from Teacher Tom, Dr. Laura Markham, Lisa Sunbury and more.

From Julia over at A Little Bit of All of it 10 Things I’d Like New Moms to Know Of the Ten things, #6 is my favorite You can’t hold your baby too much. It’s not possible. Ignore anyone that suggests otherwise. But all the other things are really great too!

From The Artful Parent a list of 33 Nature Art, Crafts & Play Ideas for Kids

From Bonnie Harris of Connective Parenting Are we Ready or Able to Stop Bullying? Powerful words from Bonnie: Our children are subject to the slandering, the lies, and the bullying now normalized by those we are supposed to look up to. How can we expect our children to do what we say and not what we do? When are we going to start taking responsibility for ourselves as parents, politicians, teachers, administrators and stop putting all the blame on our children who are doing what they do best—learning from modeling.

If you know of a great article or blog post that is helpful or inspiring to positive parents, please do share in the comments!

Peace & Be Well,


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