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I Choose: A Book Review

I Choose: A Book Review

Children feel all sorts of emotions and make so many choices in any given day. Guiding  our children and talking to them about  making choices is a really important part of parenting.

Recently, I had a chance to read a really nice book called I Choose. The book was a great spring board for talking to my children about making good and not so good choices (safe vs. unsafe, how choices affect ourselves and others), feelings and emotions.

The book is written by Suzin Helen Carr and sweetly illustrated by the authors son, Chandler. The text is simple but captivating with a really powerful overall message

“We choose what comes out of our mouth,

what stays in our head, and what lives in our heart.”

Choose well.

All three of my children are really interested in the book. My six and four year olds have spent some time making illustrations that are inspired by the book and they often ask to read the book. While reading the book we have had a lot of wonderful conversations about feelings like happiness, anger, being upset, wanting to cry, needing things and so on…

One page says “I choose between giggles and frowns” to which my four year old immediately said “I like giggles but sometimes I frown like this…as he made a frowny face!” We talked about the things that make all of us giggle and all the things that make us frown. My children loved hearing my version of the things that make me giggle like “imagining a rhinoceros in a polka dotted dress” and then coming up with their own super silly ideas. Plus we talked about things that make us frown and my six year old was really honest and explained he feels like he has to frown when he thinks about the day that he moved away from his friends.

Another few pages that created really great conversation were “I choose whether to hug…or to punch.” My two year old piped up and said “Punching hurt…biting hurts too. I not bite anymore.”

Through out the whole book we found ways to talk about making choices or looking for different choices, accepting our feelings, how to talk to others about our feelings and it’s happened a few times that while feeling really angry one of my children have said “I am mad but I am choosing not to hit!”

My favorite part of the book and what really resonated with my children was the end of the book

“I choose to be the me that is me…”

I really appreciate authenticity and believe families should make choices that fit their needs while helping children be the unique self that they want to be. This book is a wonderful tool for parents to open a dialogue with their children to talk about choices and feelings. The companion book I Chose Too, written for adults  is full of fantastic questions and narratives that inspire change and making choices too.


Suzin Helen Carr & Illuminted Publishing  choose to gift three books to Positive Parenting Connection readers! One copy each of I Choose, I Choose Too (For Adults) and  Yo Elijo will be given. If you are interested in receiving one of the books, please leave a comment below  letting us know How are you encouraging your child to make choices? or tell us why you would like to have the book!

Come join the Positive Parenting Connection page on Facebook and visit Illuminated Publishing: Home of I Choose, I Choose Too and Yo Elijo on facebook too!

Book recipients will be chosen using and announced in the comments section as well as contacted via e-mail on August 15th.

Disclosure: I received a courtesy copy of I Choose and I Choose Too for review purposes from the author Suzin Carr. I was not compensated to write this review and the opinions are my own.

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