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Rain Sticks

Build your own Rain Sticks We’ve had a lot of rain so we thought we would make some rain sticks and make our very own rain shower symphonies. Older children can do this craft mostly on their own and you can help your little ones with the process of make it – the whole family… Continue Reading

Celebrating Summer Solstice

Welcome Summer – it’s official, you are here with your hot, hot fun filled days.  To celebrate your arrival we are having a Summer Solstice Celebration.  In typical “didn’t really plan ahead” style this is what I have whipped up for the day. Solstice comes from the Latin words “Sun” and “to Stop” – it… Continue Reading

Paint Party

We love to paint, especially with finger-paint. Usually I just purchase ready to use non toxic children finger paints, although occasionally we make our own, then line the table with plastic covering or old newspapers and paint away.  Variations on “sit at the table and paint” are always fun and so here are some ways… Continue Reading

Gone (to play) with the Wind

Windy Play…part of our summer fun series Windy days can make for some great fun – here are some of the wind projects from our 100 fun things we plan to do this summer list! Speedy Windsock A very easy project to make we have enjoyed making it each year with left over birthday decorations!… Continue Reading

Pretend Play and Cooking Outdoors

Baking Al Fresco – Part of our Summer Fun Series From making mud-pies to rock soup, transforming our backyard into a kitchen, bakery or restaurant is a surefire way for us to fill many hours of the day in the summer time.  I find collecting a few recyclable containers such as yogurt cups, aluminum baking… Continue Reading

Pretend Play and Ice Skating

We Tried out a new activity idea today –  “ice” skating indoors. Skates: Wax Paper, Paper Plates, Baking paper. (We tried them all and the best glide was from the wax paper, although the plates stayed under small feet the best) Ice Rink: We moved the coffee table and rolled away the area rug then… Continue Reading