Stimulating Summer Activities for Your Kids

Stimulating Summer Activities for Your Kids

***Today I am sharing a guest post from Heather. She is sharing her ideas for creating stimulating summer activities for children.***

Despite the fact that kids count down until school lets out of the summer starting in January, once summer actually hits parents are often flooded with the constant cries of, “I’M BORED!” To counteract those complaints and get them away from the TV, here are four summer activities that will keep your kids stimulated without seeming like a school lesson… even if it really is one in disguise:
1. Have them create a nature journal – Get a journal where they can keep interesting leafs, take pictures of animals, and write down various rocks that they’ve found at the park and in the backyard. They’ll have a blast collecting new items for their book, and they’ll learn a little about nature along the way.

2. Make homemade versions of kid favorites – From playdough to water colors to papier-mâché, there are easy recipes for replicating your child’s favorite toys and activities at home. The time it takes to make the homemade version will distract them for an afternoon, and the satisfaction that they’ll get from making it themselves will be unparalleled.

3. Have them join a summer sports league – Regular activity is essential for creating healthy habits early on, and with the long summer days it’s the perfect time to get them involved in a new sport. Not only will they spend the day getting in some healthy exercise, but they’ll also make new a lot of new friends.

4. Sign them up for a summer class – A lot of community colleges offer fun, interesting classes for kids to take during the summer. From cooking to art, they’ll be able to choose a class that will appeal to their interests and teach them new things without mirroring an actual school subject.
These activities will help them keep their brains ticking and their bodies moving without seeming like a school lesson in disguise, so that they’re constantly learning while still having a great time. Keeping kids stimulated throughout the summer is the perfect way to get them away from the TV or computer so that they are constantly learning and being active.


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