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To help you bring more calm and confidence into your parenting journey at the Positive Parenting Connection we focus on three key concepts:


What is the Positive Parenting Connection?

Our team of parenting educators, psychologists, coaches and parents share here practical advice, encouraging words and real support to help you make the best parenting decisions for your family.

Our goal is to help you make your parenting journey a more peaceful and joy filled experience.

The positive parenting connection website is filled with  practical advice and encouragement for understanding and solving common parenting challenges:

All of our parenting articles and parenting classes focus on helping you discover positive, family centered, child friendly, peaceful, evidence based ways of parenting and raising children.

Better behavior without punishment is possible. 

Step one in positive parenting? Trust that you have what it takes to parent well.

Your values and parenting style are unique to you.

The principles of positive parenting are flexible and very helpful if you are wishing to:

bring more harmony into your home, encourage more cooperation among children, parents & siblings, use positive, non-punitive ways to handle parenting challenges, experience more peace and playfulness each day, build a connected relationship with your children.

Positive Parenting is not a system of behavior management or a ridig system of counting and points to follow. Positive Parenting gives you the tools you need to parent in the way that best fits your family values and goals.


If you can’t find what you are looking for, just send us a message info@postiveparentingconnection.net

Peace & Be Well,

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