Help with Nail Biting, Toy Chewing, Hair Twirling: Chewlery Review & Giveaway

Help with Nail Biting, Toy Chewing, Hair Twirling: Chewlery Review & Giveaway

Do you ever worry that your child is constantly chewing nails, biting toys or fidgeting non stop? Many children tend to develop habits of chewing and fidgeting, and this can lead to countless hours of nagging, hassling, pleading, bribing and power struggles. Sound familiar? Do you want to find some positive ways to deal with nail biting, fidgeting and biting on toys for your child?


Today I am sharing a product review with a giveaway sponsored by KidsCompanions Chewelry. Chewelry just may be a possible solution for a child with a biting/chewing/fidget habit.

My middle child around age three developed a habit of chewing on toys. Although this is not unusual for a three year old, it wasn’t safe. The chewing started, around the same time we moved to a new home. Moving can be a pretty stressful event for the whole family. Even though we talked a lot about the move, played away some of the fears and gave lots of support, the chewing seemed comforting, a habit similar to children that suck a thumb or use a pacifier.

The thing is, I wanted to help him kick this new habit but in a very gentle and peaceful way.

I didn’t want to create power struggles between us, nagging every time a toy went in his mouth was going to get exhausting for both of us! So I decided to look into some possible solutions that would help stop/reduce the chewing but without creating shame and resentment.

Chewing and sucking habits often arise out of a need to self comfort, for example many children chew their nails when they are nervous, twirl their hair to deal with stress, pick noses out of boredom, chomp on pencils while daydreaming etc…Often, it’s not just a matter of making the chewing and chomping stop but rather getting to the bottom of the issue – that stress, fear, boredom and so on.

Some great ways to get to the real issues are by listening, playing, telling stories, making art and laughter. For example, often if I could catch my son chewing up a toy car, I would invite him to play together and be silly so he could giggle, and we could connect. If he wanted to talk, I listened, really listened to whatever it was that was bothering him. Stored up fears, worries and such can really spark up habits like biting and twirling and talking things out is really invaluable!

But…As much as I was ready to listen and offer comfort any time that the chewing would show up, realistically with three children it wasn’t always possible to run over and have a heart to heart, not because I didn’t want to or understand that this could be helpful, but because I’m outnumbered!

So, not too long ago, I found out about KidCompanions Chewelry and contacted them. KidCompanions Chewelry specializes in chewable, wearable pendants. These pendants are made specifically for children to chew on. After reading about chewelry, I thought it might be helpful for my son, not to replace our process but to be a fun helper along the way.

I’ll admit, I was concerned initially that introducing something specific for him to chew on would make him chew more, or make him feel like he has a “problem” but I have found that it has been helpful. At times when I noticed chewing going on but could not address it I would just gently suggest that instead of chewing a toy that he use the chewlery.

I have noticed that his habit is actually fading away. I know a lot of this has to do with the listening time and his age. “Blue chewy” is being used less and less. Although I think we could have gotten through this phase without the chewlery, I still believe it saved us from having power struggles a few times and so I think it was a great addition to the overall solution.

Having the Chewelry gave us a positive alternative and a safe and practical way to deal with the habit. Instead of demanding “take that toy out of your mouth” or “stop chewing on that” or getting upset that yet another toy was going to have teeth marks, I could simply remind my son that he had the Chewelry.

While kicking a habit like nail bitting or toy chewing is not as simple as giving a child Chewlery, the pendant can be a great practical tool to reduce power struggle and stress surrounding these habits which can actually make it worse. I find that the Chewlery can be a great tool for children that are dealing with a soothing habit like biting nails or twirling hair, IF the efforts to kick such habits are going to be combined with ways to really address the underlying cause as well.

From KidCompanions Chewlery:

KidCompanions Chewelry is attachable or wearable. It is age-appropriate, stylish, efficient, and SAFE— bpa, phthalate, pvc, lead and latex free. CE marked and made in Canada from FDA approved materials, KidCompanions Chewelry comes on a 100% organic cotton lanyard with a child safety clasp or a clip. Average use is 6-9 weeks. We aimed at making a product that is non-toxic, durable but that can’t damage teeth. Recommended for ages 3+

Chewelry has offered to giveaway

one pendant and lanyard to ONE Positive Parenting Connection reader!

To enter please leave a comment sharing what kind of habit you want to help your child over come or how you think chewelry may help your child. Oh, don’t forget to subscribe to the positive parenting connection blog and join our facebook page so you don’t miss the winner announcement! ONE winner will be chosen from the comments section using on October 31st 2012.
Giveaway now closed! Thank you for participating.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Chewelry pendant for review purposes. The opinions stated in this review are my own and I have not received compensation to provide my opinion. KidCompanions Chewelry will be sending ONE winner their prize directly and Positive Parenting Connection/Author declines all responsibility and liability for anything and everything related to using the product. For any questions about the product please contact KidCompanions Chewelry directly.

Image Credit: KidCompanions Chewelry

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Ariadne is a happy and busy mama to three children. She practices peaceful, playful, responsive parenting and is passionate about all things parenting and chocolate. Ariadne has a Masters in Psychology and is a certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator. She lives on top of a beautiful mountain with her family, and one cuddly dog.

24 Responses to Help with Nail Biting, Toy Chewing, Hair Twirling: Chewlery Review & Giveaway

  1. This product sounds fantastic. My 4 yeAr old daughter started chewing her nails about a month ago. I noticed it was around the same time we got to the bottom of her fears that were causing her to lash out and hit me. She began to open up about her feelings about me and her dad not being together and that she was worried I would leaVe her one day. After we talked at length about her fears she stopped hitting but began chewing her nails. We talk about her worries and it helps but she is still chewing. I, myself as a nail biter that started at a young age because of neglectful parenting and I was constantly nagged and put down about it and definitely never want my daughter to feel ashamed of it but I know myself it can also become habit if its not dealt with quickly enough. I think that chewelery will be a wonderful helper for my daughter while we continue to address the underlying issues. If I don’t win a free one I will surely be buying one! Thankyou for this great article.

  2. I would love to see if this will help my 14 year old ASD girl stop sucking on a blanket and twirling her hair and sticking it into her nose and/or mouth!!! Yuck!

  3. My daughter does a lot of stimming at home but has no way to stim or soothe herself at school. She twirls her hair and bites her nails on one hand. I think this would help her at school. She has trisomy22 with autistic tendicies.

  4. My son is autistic and bites his fingers and lips until they bleed as he doesn’t feel pain properly. Its so hard to stop him, but these might just help. Here’s hoping I win!!! Thanks.

  5. My oldest has SPD and is constantly chewing or fidgeting with her hair or clothes. This would be a great lifesaver to keep her fingers occupied.

  6. This would be great for my daughter Genesis because she would be able to wear it and always have it on her with her having poor oral motor skills as well as hypotonia, a gtube , developmental delays and seizures .. She loves to put anything in her mouth that are non food items and we are trying everything to get her to avoid it we have a biter box but it isn’t always right there and we want to be able to tell her put this in your mouth at any moment she really needs that thing she can always chew on!

  7. My 7yr old has chewed his nails forever, right down to where it meets the skin underbeath n sometimes further, but when there is no nail left on his fingers he chews his toe nails instead I can’t get him to stop. He just keeps going n going, please help him

  8. My son has been chewing on straws and toys since he was a baby, but lately it progressed onto chewing onto his cuticles and his arm. I tried some teething toys, but they don’t hold his interest or taste right because he drops them after a few seconds. I came across this chewelry this year, and now have decided I need to try them with the change in what he chews on. I think this product could work where others have not.

  9. My 4 1/2 year old SPD son went from sucking on his fingers @ age 3 to putting anything & everything in his mouth & chewing on it! I would like to provide him w/an acceptable option to chew on, & the Chewelry products seem like they would definitely do the trick!

  10. My son is a chewer, and I have wanted to try one of these for a long time. He chews mostly at school, and this would look so much “cooler” than his regular chewy.

  11. I have been researching this product for my 5 year old with Ds. We have chewy tubes for her at home, but I love that she can wear the pendant to school. A little more discreet now that she’s a kindergartner!

  12. I am a new subscriber to your blog and was so excited when I saw this post! My 2 1/2 year old has been biting his nails. I didn’t think he was nervous and I think it might be partially out of boredom (he does it in the car or while watching TV). We thought he’d stop when the nails were too short but he keeps biting and has made himself bleed. We finally asked his pediatrician who basically told us to nag him every time he puts his fingers in his mouth which has just led to power struggles that we all lose. This could be our solution.

  13. My youngest daughter has started licking things and putting things in her mouth off the floor… and she’s going to be 4 in a couple months.

  14. My 6 y/o son experiences autism and has moderate anxiety issues. He is always biting his nails and finger pads. His anxiety also makes him lick his lips during peak times of stress. He ends up with wounds around his lips that look like he drank cherry syrup. Kid Companions Chewelry would be an excellent way to redirect his anixety. We are thankful for such an amazing product to help our children and family!

  15. My 6 year old needs something to chew on so she stops chewing on the Wii remotes, books, her arm, anything she is just absentmindedly holding.

  16. Our 3 year old has SPD and he is constantly chewing on toys and himself. While we are addressing the underlying issues we would love a chance to try a Chewelry! We have four other boys so this would be a great tool to help us along the way!

  17. The folks at KidCompanions Chewelry thank Positive Parenting Connections and all who took part in the giveaway. I read all your comments and see how beneficial our chewable pendants would be for most of your children. It was a pleasure to work with the mom-volunteers in this review/giveaway. The best to all of you.

  18. My two year old puts anything and everything in her mouth. I would love to have something for her to focus on.

  19. Thank you ALL for sharing your stories and your interest in trying KidCompanion Chewlery!
    Congratulations to L Marin – I have forwarded your email to KidCompanion 🙂

  20. Hello I have a child who picks up everything she finds and puts it in her mouth. It terrifies me! I’ve been searching for a safe item for her to use to replace this habit. I’ve caught her with bobby pins, marbles, chain necklaces, tacks, rice from a sensory box, dry beans, her fingers and nails in her mouth. You name it she has put it in her mouth. she has choked and even chipped her teeth.. I would love to try this item, I need something because I’m affaid one day I’m going to walk into a room and find her choking to death, or needing serious medical help to remove a dangerous item from her air way or stomach, like a watch battery.
    Thank You
    Samantha Welch

  21. Hello Samantha,

    Since this post was published in 2013 SentioLife Solutions launched a another line of chew necklaces. Our original KidCompanions Chewelry is still very popular with lots of children but, for more aggressive chewers, our newer SentioCHEWS are more durable. Your daughter might satisfy her urge to chew by using SentioCHEWS. We searched two years to find a SAFE material made in Canada that was more durable than the many silicone chewies available from many companies. I hope you find a way to prevent your daughter from putting in her mouth all the items you mention. Perhaps you should bring this up with her family doctor to see if there is an underlying cause to her mouthing of non-food items.

  22. Thanks Ariadne Brill for your kind words about our new, Tougher-than-Silicone SentioCHEWS. We have four different shapes in two different colors. Immediately the SentioCHEWS Soccer Ball Shapes flew off the shelves and now the Ice Cream Shapes have caught on too. Many little girls LOVE the Flower Chew necklaces. The colorful 24 inch lanyards with a more sturdy Breakaway and the lower price have indeed made SentioCHEWS a favorite with lots of parents of children with special needs.

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