Parenting comes with many challenges.

Encouraging children to listen, behave well and follow your expectations is not a simple task.

Now that you are a parent you might feel surprised by how you feel about discipline, setting limits and the responsibility of raising your child.

It’s easy to feel like your buttons are getting pushed or that you must raise your voice in order to get things going around the house.

 There may be moments when you are just not sure what the next step may be.

Parenting classes gives you an opportunity to feel supported, confident and calm in your everyday parenting role.

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Do you wish your children would listen more?

Do you wish you could yell less?

Want to feel more confident when it comes to making decisions?

Are you uncertain that being positive, kind and respectful can lead to children that are responsible, caring and capable?

All of the classes via the Positive Parenting Connection Classroom help you

Build a strong connection to your child that helps your child feel loved even when corrections are needed.

Show you how to Invite cooperation through respectful and meaningful communication.

Learn the basics of emotion coaching and tools for encouraging self-regulation skills so your child will feel well and choose to behave well. 

These core areas can be applied to all aspects of parenting.

Here are a few examples of what you can learn in our online classroom

  • Understanding your child’s current age and stage of development
  • When and how to set good expectations, rules and connected consequences
  • Setting limits and boundaries without relying on punishments or rewards
  • Helping siblings adjust to a new baby
  • Reducing Yelling and Power Struggles
  • Help when your child has frequent tantrums
  • Reducing conflicts between siblings
  • Potty Learning
  • Encouraging healthy eating habits
  • Positive Discipline Parenting Tools

Individual coaching with Ariadne Brill is also available upon request via

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