Bubble Fun

Bubble Fun

Bubble time is practically a given on any day.  We have a collection of wands and plastic containers we like to use.  In our collection are, traditional wands, self made wands,  straw wands and also a battery wand so that even before being able to work a traditional wand my children have felt like full participants in our bubble games. Blowing bubbles is great fun but then what?

Check out the bubble games we like to play.
Double Bubble One person is the bubble master and blows bubbles, everyone else is paired up by holding hands and runs around trying to catch and pop the bubbles with the free hands.  This is a great way to foster cooperation and a sure to end up in many laughs.  Try adding a leg tie to challenge children over the age of 6.
On your mark, Get set, Bubbles! Choose a target, it can be anything like the side of the house, or the back of a lawn chair.  Once a target is set each child can blow bubbles and try to get to the target before the bubbles  land, fly over, and pop onto the target.  We don’t  keep score and often end up taking turns shouting out that the target has changed locations and these get more and morbubble playe absurd as we go along like the roof of the house or over the highest tree.
Body bubbles This is one of my three year olds favorite bubble’s game. As everyone is blowing bubbles one person starts challenging everyone else to catch bubbles using a specific body part.

“Everyone catch a bubble with your nose”

“Who can catch a bubble with their knee”

Everyone takes turns choosing body parts to catch and pop bubbles.  I find this game fun and it also helps practice motor skills. Oh and bonus, we have also found it helpful in learning the names of body parts in a new language.

Bubble Golf This is a spin off on Frisbee golf and mini golf and my five year old really enjoys this game. We walk around the yard and choose a course – usually 4 or 5 “holes” and then much like mini golf we take turns trying to get the bubble too hit the “holes” in order.  It can take a while and it’s a really great way to play a game and have some time to have a good one on one conversation with my five year old.  My three year old likes to play too but he changes the “holes” to be whatever his bubble may have pop on and that’s is totally ok too, really we are just having some fun.

Create your own bubble wands Some of our favorite wands are self made. What we have used in the past are clothes hangers, string, straws, rubber bands, yogurt containers, cookie cutters etc…Usually we first go on a gathering walk around the house and yard. Then I put bubble solution into a shallow plastic bin and then we experiment with many different materials to make bubbles.  Some of our favorites are multiple straws bound with a rubber band, a bent clothes hanger for giant bubbles, twigs tied together and the absolute favorite the foaminator.
Foaminator I first saw this a few years ago in a family/parenting magazine. I didn’t have the exact instructions anymore but what worked for us was taking a plastic water bottle and cutting the bottom off. Adding a piece of terry cloth and affixing it to the bottle with a sturdy rubber band or duct tape.  Then we dip the terry cloth portion of the bottle into bubble solution and blow.  The result should be long strings of bubbles. It’s great and easy fun.

Have any bubble games you like to play?

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Ariadne is a happy and busy mama to three children. She practices peaceful, playful, responsive parenting and is passionate about all things parenting and chocolate. Ariadne has a Masters in Psychology and is a certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator. She lives on top of a beautiful mountain with her family, and one cuddly dog.

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