100 Fun Things to do this Summer

The boys, baby and I have put together a huge list of all the things we want to  try doing this summer.  I tried to organize the list a bit and well here it is…  From bubble games to marbling paint to backyard cooking and other adventures check out our ideas and may we all have a fun filled happy summer!

1.       Play with Bubbles

2.       Make bubble wands

3.       Play Bubble Golf

4.       Make Foaminators

5.       Make Mudpies

6.       Create butterflypies

7.       Cook up rock soup

8.       Build a Windsock

9.       Build a Kite

10.   Build a Wind chime

11.   Create a Wind catcher

12.   Build a Garden Mobile

13.   Create a dream catcher

14.   Paint with finger paints

15.   Paint with water colors

16.   Create marble prints

17.   Paint picnic style on the lawn

18.   Make Spin art

19.   Paint with Stamps

20.   Paint in the bath tub

21.   Paint with soap bubble paint

22.   Make a Cool aid Tie Die project

23.   Paint with cars

24.   Paint with cotton balls

25.   Paint scraps of wood

26.   Paint a flower pot

27.   Paint a rock rainbow garden

28.   Rock paint critters

29.   Create coffee filter Butterflies

30.   Paint with balls & ramps

31.   Paint-cycle

32.   Paint a bird house/feeder

33.   Paint with Rags

34.   Create with side walk chalk

35.   Draw a giant airplane with chalk

36.   Draw a grocery stand and groceries with chalk

37.   Draw and play hop scotch

38.   Draw a story with sidewalk chalk

39.   Draw an obstacle course with chalk

40.   Paint with sidewalk chalk

41.   Trace shadows with sidewalk chalk

42.   Jump in the sprinklers

43.   Water paint the sidewalk

44.   Set up a water table

45.   Set up a kiddie pool

46.   Jump in the sprinklers

47.   Play spray bottle tag

48.   Set up  a sandbox

49.   Dig for Dinosaur bones

50.   Build a sandcity

51.   Have a bucket relay race

52.   Fold and Float boats

53.   Float boats in a puddle

54.   Jump in puddles

55.   Go on a worm hunt

56.   Build an outdoor fort

57.   Build a pirate ship

58.   Go on Treasure Hunt

59.   Build a rocket to the moon

60.   Set up a stage

61.   Create a show

62.   Build a rope maze

63.   Set up a stuffed animal petting zoo

64.   Set up an obstacle course

65.   Set up a Train with dinning chairs

66.   Take a color hunting hike

67.   Go on a nature scavenger hunt

68.   Go Bird watching

69.   Build a recyclables sculpture

70.   Create a mini golf course

71.   Make a garden art jar (leaves, petals, pebbles,grass in jar)

72.   Build a water fall or water wall

73.   Build a cup & rope telephone

74.   Play soccer

75.   Play Tennis

76.   Play handball

77.   Play a ball relay game

78.   Play basketball

79.   Play baseball

80.   Play rolling balls

81.   Play Tag

82.   Play Freeze Tag

83.   Play Hide and Seek

84.   Play leap frog

85.   Play Red Light/Green Light

86.   Play Zoo-Hullabaloo

87.   Play Octupus Octupus, Come swim in my Ocean

88.   Play Simona Says

89.   Play Cha-Cha-Cha – Toot-Toot

90.   Take a bike ride

91.   Go on Playground Tour

92.   Take a trip to a Beach

93.   Take a trip to a Lake

94.   Take a trip to a Ball Game

95.  Take a trip to on a boat

96.   Take a trip to the Zoo

97.   Roast Marshmallows

98.   Have a slumber party

99.   Have a summer end party

100. Count stars, imagine and have fun!


What are your plans for this summer?

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Ariadne is a happy and busy mama to three children. She practices peaceful, playful, responsive parenting and is passionate about all things parenting and chocolate. Ariadne has a Masters in Psychology and is a certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator. She lives on top of a beautiful mountain with her family, and one cuddly dog.

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