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3 quick projects for Father’s Day!

3 quick projects for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is coming up soon… here are three easy projects to whip up in 30 minutes, 15 minutes and 5 minutes or less! Spoiler alert…to my favorite subscriber (aka hubby – stop reading now!) The 30 min Photo Mobile: All you will need is some card stock or construction paper, a few pictures, glue, … Continue reading »

10 Creative Play Ideas for Practicing Positive Parenting

Creative play is such an important part of children’s development. Creative play also offers wonderful opportunities for parents and children to practice interacting and connect in really positive ways: Parents and children while engaging in creative play can practice: *working together (setting up, cleaning up) *respecting each other’s creativity & thought processes (allowing children creative … Continue reading »

Messy Play…Made (Slightly) Less Messy

Messy Play…Made (Slightly) Less Messy

Messy Play…squishy, mucky, glittery, bright, wet, happy play! Messy play gives children an opportunity to tap into their creativity, explore all sorts of possibilities, enhance and experience their senses and of course…get messy! Children just love it and well, some parents really just don’t like it all that much. It’s just so…messy. The thing is messy … Continue reading »

Painted Snow Sculptures in 5 Easy Steps

Painted Snow Sculptures in 5 Easy Steps

Ever try paiting snow sculptures? This weekend we created some snow masterpieces with buckets, baking sheets, and water color. Along with having lots of fun we explored textures, temperatures, colors and shapes. Here are the 5 steps: 1. We collected snow in buckets and plastic containers. 2. Next we used water colors and a little … Continue reading »

Feathery Fun Turkey in 10 Steps

This week I was totally inspired by the Nurturestore’s “Let’s play dough book” and came up with these funny feathery turkeys made out of a chocolate tinted salt dough. 1. Whip up a batch of traditional salt dough (2cups flour,1 cup salt, 1cup water)  Set half of dough aside for another project.  2. Add in … Continue reading »

Rain Sticks

Build your own Rain Sticks We’ve had a lot of rain so we thought we would make some rain sticks and make our very own rain shower symphonies. Older children can do this craft mostly on their own and you can help your little ones with the process of make it – the whole family … Continue reading »

Rockin’ and Rollin’ Paint – Part 2

We had such a good time painting with balls and ramps – we decided to try another ball and paint experiment – this time painting a canvas inside a crate. Using most of  the same start materials from part 1, paint, balls, plastic containers for dipping – we added a painters canvas and a plastic … Continue reading »

Gone (to play) with the Wind

Windy Play…part of our summer fun series Windy days can make for some great fun – here are some of the wind projects from our 100 fun things we plan to do this summer list! Speedy Windsock A very easy project to make we have enjoyed making it each year with left over birthday decorations! … Continue reading »

Bubble Fun

Bubble Fun Bubble time is practically a given on any day.  We have a collection of wands and plastic containers we like to use.  In our collection are, traditional wands, self made wands,  straw wands and also a battery wand so that even before being able to work a traditional wand my children have felt … Continue reading »

vrooooom…car painting

I find this to be a fun activity for a rainy day. I Line a table with an old shower curtain or table cloth or lots of newspapers. Then lay out long sheets of paper or many smaller sheets of paper tapped together. I Place different colored paints on paper plates. Then place one or … Continue reading »

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