What is Parent Coaching?

Everyday parenting comes with many challenges. While most of the time you may feel connected and loving, there may be moments when you are just not sure what the next step may be. Parent Coaching gives you an opportunity to feel supported, confident and calm in your everyday parenting role.


What can Parent Coaching help with?

Do you wish your children would listen more? Do you wish you could yell less? Looking for more confidence when it comes to making decisions or feeling stuck in a parenting rut?

Parent coaching sessions can help with any new transitions in parenthood or with phases that just don’t seem to go away. Our specialty at the Positive Parenting Connection is to offer parent coaching that focuses on:

Building connection

Inviting cooperation

Encouraging capability

These core areas can be applied to just about all aspects of parenting. Here are a few examples of what you can focus on during a parent coaching session:

  • Understanding your child’s current age and stage of development
  • When and how to set good expectations, rules and connected consequences
  • Setting limits and boundaries without relying on punishments or rewards
  • Helping siblings adjust to a new baby
  • Reducing Yelling and Power Struggles
  • Help when your child has frequent tantrums
  • Reducing conflicts between siblings
  • Potty Learning
  • Encouraging healthy eating habits
  • Positive Discipline Parenting Tools

What Happens in a Parent Coaching Session?

Talking. Listening. Understanding. Encouragement.  

Coaching Sessions are an opportunity to talk about parenting in an open and honest way, without fear of judgement. You can share your struggles, challenges and biggest fears knowing that you are being fully supported. The goal is not to feed you one size fit all solutions. No way! Instead, the goal is to help you leave each session feeling calmer, confident and ready to continue on your parenting journey. Each session is customized to fit your needs.

Problem Solving Mini-Sessions

A mini session is a 45 min coaching call (Skype or Phone) that will focus on a specific problem you want to get more insights and information about.  Before the call, you will fill out a questionnaire and then during coaching we can get straight to listening to you and asking helpful questions to get you back on track.

Coaching Package 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks

A parent coaching package for four or six weeks focuses on a few topics at a time and will always include helpful educational materials directly relevant to your current goals. This package includes initial questionnaire,  one initial skype or phone session that lasts approximately one hour and then we meet via Skype or Phone for the additional weeks thereafter, for 45 minutes to work together.

Parenting Classes

The next upcoming parenting class is about: Setting Limits

Setting Limits 101 is a parenting class that will focus on helping you gain the confidence to set limits without relying on punishments, rewards, threats or yelling. Discover just how wonderful it is to parent being calm, confident and connected to your children. Learn the language of limit setting, how to handle frustration, disappointment and tears while still holding your limit in a kind and clear way.

This class is self-paced and once you start, you can repeat it as often as you would like.

There is a private forum for asking questions, venting frustrations and receiving support too.

Enrollment starts soon. Sign up for our mailing list for more information. No obligation.

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